— Product Introduction —

3D Cardiac Mapping Navigation System

The HT-9000 electrophysiological mapping navigation system is a kind of catheter navigation and mapping system. The 3D image display contour surface is based on the anatomical structure of the patient's heart cavity, which can not only display the 3D position of the conventional electrophysiological catheter, but also display the cardiac electrical activity through the waveform recording and the dynamic 3D potential diagram of the heart cavity.

System features:

High quality all digital amplifier and signal processing circuit, good signal quality (international leading).

Supports electromagnetic fusion navigation (first set inChina), and can be independently used for magnetic or electric applications (first set in the world).

High integration, small size, support the expansion of the built-in rf meter.

Support catheter fast connection, single interface can support 64 electrodes, 128 channels of signals in the heart (first inChina).